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Critical Thinking Begins @Home

“Critical Thinking” is a desideratum. As is “Diversity.” As is “Community.” I learned long ago that the terms by which an institution defines itself publicly, when interrogated honestly, reveal exactly what the institution is not. Often the terms don’t even describe the true desire or goal of the institution. Beware of the institution of higher learning that claims Teaching  as a high priority. Look at the budget. It’s not where the money goes. It’s not where excellence is recognized. It’s not how professors are critically assessed or professionally nurtured. Often the parents’ or students’ or CFO’s pleasure is the defining priority. Beware […]

Two girls holding hands

Playdates with Scriptures

I’m like a third-grader, “Look what I made!” I want to rush to some giant refrigerator and post my “thing” on the door with huge magnets. Most of the things I make these days don’t fit on the refrigerator door, however. So I’m gonna use this blog post as my virtual “refrigerator door” and show you the “thing” I’ve made. You can find it … still in progress here: Playdates with Scriptures. Here’s how I describe the overall project: Playdates with Scriptures refers to a growing collection of group and individual activities for individuals and groups that provide opportunity for adults of all […]

Late 3rd century/early 4th century Christians depicted the fiery furnace in the Catacombs of Priscilla, Rome

For Freedom!

Three Hebrew children in the fiery furnace demonstrate freedom: “We will not bow down!” they said. The purpose of education is Freedom. In my baccalaureate sermon (2015), I asked the graduates: “So are you freer today than you were when you started down this road?”