Available Learning Pathways

These Online Learning Materials were initially prepared for seminarians enrolled in courses at New Brunswick Theological Seminary. “Thoughtful Lives” was used by those registered for NT520: Wrestling with Paul. The Sociology, Urban Life, and Corinthians materials were part of the course BH526: Urban Christians: Then & Now. “Welcome to the New Testament” provided material for students registered in “NT510: Introduction to the New Testament.” I am currently working to “update” the online material for use/purchase by visitors to this website.

Here’s the Introductory Video for the Thoughtful Lives  course, below.
I’m including it here since in this video I introduce the pedagogy employed,
not just in Thoughtful Lives, but in all of this online material.

Welcome to the New Testament

A basic introduction to the literature, history, and sociology related to the New Testament

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A view of the Temple of Apollo, with Oleander in the foreground

Paul and the Corinthians

Unscrambling a complicated relationship

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Reconstructions of Roman Cardo in Jerusalem/Aelia Capitolina

Urban Life in the Greco-Roman World

A little history, a little archeology, a whole lot of imagination

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Portrait of family of Septimius Severus

A Short Introduction to Sociology

Doin' a little social analysis!

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Temple at Delphi

Thoughtful Lives: A Whole-Person Encounter with the Apostle Paul

A journey of self-discovery!

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