Unit 4: Law – Sample

Unit Progress:

Thoughtful Lives | Module 3 | Unit 4 (Sample)

Unit Description:

An introduction to the positive view of the Law (Torah) in the Hebrew Scriptures and in Jewish life

Achievement-Based Objective: By the end of this unit you will have …

  • Explored your own relationship to the Law and Obedience
  • Meditated on Psalm 119 and encountered the Gift of the Law
  • Recalled the ancestral stories and covenants of Israel, and your own life
  • Reflected on the Jewish concepts of Mitzvot and Tikkun Olam
  • Meditated on Tikkun Olam
  • Diagrammed the relation of Law to Shalom and Righteousness

Est. Time to Complete: 3:35

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Materials Available for This Unit

Learning Tasks for M3U4

Outline of Learning Tasks for Unit

Learning Task #1: How Obedient Are You? (15 min)

Learning Task #2: Watch a Video: “Law as Gracious Gift” and Respond with a Psalm (2:00)

Learning Task #3: Watch a Video: “Ancestral Stories and Covenants” and Recall Your Covenants (30 min)

Learning Task #4: Mitzvot and Tikkun Olam–Explore and Meditate (30 min)

Learning Task #5: Watch and Respond to a Video: “Shalom, Righteousness, & the Law” (15 min)

Learning Task #6: Review a Chalkboard Chat (5 min)

Respond to the following questions in your Course Journal.

M3U4-Learning Task 1: How Obedient Are You? (15 min)

    • How obedient are you? Freewrite for 5 minutes
    • Describe the last time you disobeyed. Write for 3 minutes
    • Describe how you feel when you obey. Freewrite for 3 minutes
    • Ask someone else to answer the question, “How obedient are you?” There is NO judgment in this question. Just talk with someone else about obedience. Contrast and compare your responses to the act of obedience. It’s probably best to do this with someone you trust and feel safe exploring with.

M3U4-Learning Task 2: Watch a Video and Respond with a Psalm: “Law as Gracious Gift” (2:00)

Settle in. Either get your Bible or use this PDF of Psalm 119. It’s recommended that you do this Learning Task in two steps–either at different times during the day, or on different days.

    1. Read all of Psalm 119 — in one sitting. No interruptions.
    2. Now, read all of Psalm 119 again — out loud. No interruptions (except to cough or to get a sip of water…which you’ve already prepared to have at hand). Let your body hear and feel the vibration of this “Ode to the Law” — God’s Gracious Gift to Israel.

M3U4-Learning Task 3: Watch a Video, Recall Your Storied Covenants: “Ancestral Stories and Covenants” (30 min)

    • Note briefly in your Course Journal any “new information” you may have heard in the video.
    • Now, spend some time identifying your own “ancestral stories”– just briefly. Think of two key family/community stories that inform you of why you are to be. Freewrite on those two stories for 3 minutes each.
    • Name at least one family or community COVENANT and tell the story of how that covenant came to be and what it means — 5 minutes.

M3U4-Learning Task 4: Mitzvot and Tikkun Olam — Explore and Meditate (30 min)

Read at least two of the linked articles on Mitzvot and two on Tikkun Olam.

After reading the articles on Tikkun Olam — Freewrite for 7 minutes about the Jewish notion of “Repairing the World.” Make connections to your own spiritual journey and desires. Where are there people today who you think are “repairing the world?” How would you like to be involved in Tikkun Olam … in repairing the world?

For the final piece of this Learning Task, watch (or listen to) the following video. I’ve “ripped it” from YouTube so you are not distracted by the ad at the beginning. There is no “video” here — just an album cover — while Mindy Simmons sings a song entitled “Tikkun Olam, Repair the World” from her album, “One World, Our World.”

Listen to the words and meditate on what “repairing the world” might look like to you.

M3U4-Learning Task 5: Watch and Respond to a Video: “Shalom, Righteousness, and the Law”  (15 min)

    • Freewrite for 5 minutes on the relationship between Shalom, Righteousness, and the Law. Be sure and identify questions you have. Fiddle around with possible answers. Let the exploration lead you somewhere unexpected … and extend your writing to 7 or 10 minutes if it pleases you to do so.

M3U4-Learning Task 6: A Chalkboard Chat: Stage 2 (5 min)

    • Can you draw the diagram yourself, up to this point, and explain it out loud to yourself?

If you have completed all the Learning Tasks with good intent

you may “Mark Complete” and move forward!

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