Intro to Sociology: Cultural Anthropology (Sample)

Unit Progress:

Introduction to Sociology | Module 1 | Unit 4: Cultural Anthropology: Classify, Encode, & Teach

Objective: To compare and contrast the interpretation of an event from the perspective of two different cultures or sociological contexts
Est. Time: 30 minutes (including Action Step)

Cultural Anthropology: Classify, Encode, & Teach from Virginia Wiles on Vimeo.


Introduction to Sociology | Module 1 | Unit 4: — ACTION STEP —

The Young Woman in Worship

The concepts in this unit are crucial for a basic understanding of why sociological perception and analysis is important.

Instructions for this Action Step:

The scene: During a Sunday Morning Worship Service a young woman suddenly begins speaking aloud, but she is not using words anyone understands.

  1. How do different church settings and social groups (denominations/social locations) determine the meaning of or import of different actions and perceptions of the young woman? (3 min. freewrite)
  2. Why would different Scriptures be quoted by each group in their assessment of the young woman’s behavior? [Give a sociological reason, not a theological or hermeneutical reason!] (5 min. freewrite)
  3. Can you think of another illustration of a situation where someone’s behavior might be variously explained (and justified) by different groups or sociological contexts? (7 min. freewrite)

If you need to, watch the video again until you understand. If you still don’t understand, write a few sentences about what you don’t understand. What questions do you have?

Action Step