Welcome to the New Testament: Four Communities (Sample)

Unit Progress:

Welcome to the NT | Gospels | Unit 2: Four Communities

Objective: To understand and be able to explain how the relationship between the Setting and the Intent of the Gospels works for readers.
Est. Time: 1 hour 30 min.

This unit introduces you to the “M.A.S.H. effect” in the creation of the Gospels.

STEP 1 — Watch the Video (6:02)

STEP 2 — Complete the Action Step

yoga-figureAction Step Welcome to the NT | Gospels | Unit 2: Four Communities


  1. Practice explaining the “M.A.S.H. effect” to yourself. Write out your explanation in your Course Journal.
  2. Think of three people to whom you’d like to explain the “M.A.S.H. effect.”
    • Select people who are significantly different from each other–in gender, cultural background, religious belief, political commitments, economic status, educational background, etc.
    • Write down their names and when (time and place) you can talk to them about the “M.A.S.H. effect.”
    • Talk with each of the individuals. After each encounter, jot down a few brief notes about the exchange. You may wish to transfer those notes to your Course Journal.
  3. Using your Course Journal, write out your thoughts of how talking to different people altered or intensified your explanations of the “M.A.S.H. effect.”

STEP 3 — (Optional Downloads)

Here’s the audio of the video, for review “on the run” if you wish.

Available Downloads: [right-click on audio file above to download it]