Thoughtful Lives: The Process of This Course (Sample)

Unit Progress:

Thoughtful Lives | Module 1 | Unit 3

Objective: To understand the structure and process of this course and how to complete the units in a way that will help you learn.

Est. Time: 45 min.

A Video about the Purpose and Process of the “Thoughtful Lives” course.

Please read carefully the material below, “Instructions for Submitting ‘Action Steps.'”

Instructions for Submitting “Action Steps”

Most of the units here have an Action Step as part of the unit. These are short activities/exercises that will help you think about, and sometimes practice, the information included in the unit. These are not, for the most part, formal exercises. They’re, rather, opportunities for you to think about and apply your learning.

While you are encouraged to “take the Action Steps seriously,” the intention is for you to do these quickly and without trying to “get it right.” As Dr. Wiles often says in her classes: “The only way to get this wrong . . . is not to do it.” So, just do it. With good intent … “in a good way,” we might say. (This website is called Good Way Learning for a reason!)

See if you can enjoy thinking about the content. Introduce yourself to your own thoughts about the content!

  1. The first step is to get yourself a notebook. Here are some options:
    • You can set up a Word document on your computer that you keep open while you go through the units. Simply start a new page for each unit. Put the Module # and Unit # at the top of each new page, and follow the Action Steps Instructions for that unit. Easy-peasy.
    • You can buy yourself an old-fashioned notebook–a cheap spiral one will do. Do all your Action Steps in the notebook, writing by hand. If there’s one of the Action Steps that you need (or want) to submit to Dr. Wiles, you can type it up or (if your handwriting is legible to someone besides you) copy those pages of your notebook and scan them to *.pdf for submission.
  2. The second step is to do each Action Step with good intent. If you do the work with good intent, you’ll be making progress. I promise. The point is to keep moving, not to be brilliant. Nike it: “Just do it!” … with good intent.
  3. We will be doing a lot of Freewriting in this course. If you are unfamiliar with the practice of Freewriting, you can download instructions here: Instructions for Freewriting.
  4. If you are doing this online learning material as part of a course with Dr. Wiles, she will let you know how and when to submit “required” submissions.