Temple at Delphi

Thoughtful Lives: A Whole-Person Encounter with the Apostle Paul

Course Description 

This online course introduces Paul’s socio-theological vision and provides learners with the challenge of exploring their own life stories so that they might comprehend and experience how (Paul’s) theology is a language for human interpretation of and intervention in socio-cultural life in its individual, communal, and global expressions.

Course Outcomes 

Through freewriting and through an encounter with Paul’s transformational socio-theology, you will draw intimate connections between aspects of your own life experience, the structure of Paul’s socio-theological vision for the world, and global challenges and realities.

Course Objectives

See THIS PDF for a list of Achievement-Based Objectives; SKA Content; and Outcomes-Based Objectives

Thoughtful Lives by Virginia Wiles is licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 International LicenseBased on a work at https://goodwaylearning.com

Course Content

Modules Status

Module 1: Paul’s Vision . . . and Ours


Module 2: Exploring (My) Desire


Module 3: Paul’s 1st-Century Jewish Formation


Module 4: When Things Go Wrong


Module 5: Paul’s Analysis of Despair


Module 6: The Revelation of Christ and the Joy of Faith


Additional Material