Playdate Collections

Playdates Collections are intended for small Groups to use over a period of 4-6 weeks. Each collection includes short introductory material, guides for facilitators, and handouts for group members, as well as help for how to help “playgroups” thrive.

More Collections will be added!

Playdates with Scriptures Advent, Year C


Playdates with Scriptures, by Virginia Wiles, refers to a growing collection of group and individual activities for individuals and groups that provide opportunity for adults of all ages, youth, or intergenerational groups to encounter the Scriptures in creative and playful ways. The activities enhance the ability to engage Scripture with mind, body, and soul through using an imagination, humor, and free-range thinking. Any question goes … though most questions give way to more questions rather than to firm answers. Playdates with Scriptures provides a spiritually and mentally invigorating way to explore the Bible.