Picturing Praise

Biblical Text: Psalm 113:3
Guidelines for Individual Playdates

Value of This Activity:

An opportunity to spend extended time on one image in the text and encouragement to explore diverse visual reflections of that image.

Items Needed:

A computer with a browser and a color printer. Scissors and tape or glue. Plain paper.

To Begin . . .

Spend a moment in quiet prayer. If you wish, begin by freewriting for 3-5 minutes. Just let the pen empty out your concerns and thanksgiving for the day. Breathe.

How to Play . . .

  1. Read Psalm 113:3 —

    From the rising of the sun to its setting
    the name of Yahweh is to be praised.

  2. Spend a moment or two remembering some sunrises and sunsets you have seen. If you wish, write down descriptions of those memories — where where you? what was going on in your life at the time? why do you remember that particular sunrise or sunset?
  3. Spend some time at your computer, browsing through pictures of sunrises and sunsets. Use one of the online image search pages, like Google Images, for instance. Or Pixabay. Or Flickr. (You may also search on your smartphone or tablet. Just click the links!) Save favorites to your computer or phone/tablet, or you can print them out direct. Make your own collage(s) of “the rising of the sun to its setting.”
  4. Use your collage(s) as a focus for your praise during the week.

In Closing . . .

Take a moment to breathe and let the playtime settle around you. Carry your curiosity and insights and questions into the day.

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