With Good Reason!

Biblical Text: John 5:1-9
Guidelines for Individual Playdates

Value of This Activity:

Gives expression to anger hidden in the text. Sharpens awareness of the conflict.

Items Needed:

Bible. Pen and Paper.

To Begin . . .

Spend a moment in quiet prayer. If you wish, begin by freewriting for 3-5 minutes. Just let the pen empty out your concerns and thanksgiving for the day. Breathe.

How to Play . . .

  1. Read John 5:1-9.
  2. Focus on verse 7 and the sick man’s plight and his complaint to Jesus. Imagine how the man feels about the other people at the pool — both the healthy people and the other sick people who have people helping them to the pool.
  3. Write an “angry letter” from the man to the people at the pool. Let the letter give expression to his honest feelings—whether those emotions are fury or frustration or confused tension. What are the sick man’s “good reasons” for feeling what he feels?
    Caution: Do not try to make the sick man “nice”! Keep it angry, confused, frustrated. Let him lament at length — and without relent.

In Closing . . .

Take a moment to breathe and let the playtime settle around you. Carry your curiosity and insights and questions into the day.

Playdate Reference Material:

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